Late in the year 1971, armed with money for Christmas shopping, I was looking in windows along Fifth Avenue when I saw it, in a shop window. It was a sophisticated assemblage of pink plastic and shiny metal, and it looked serious, like it meant business. The lady who was feeding yarn into it by moving a box across it seemed to know what she was doing, since out from underneath it was slowly appearing a piece of — knitting?
— Susanna E. Lewis, 1984, A Machine Knitter's Guide to Creating Fabrics


Anita is a graduate of The Queensland College of Art and RMIT University, studying graphic and textile design respectively. Always having had a hobby based craft background Anita was drawn to the constructed side of textiles and discovered a love for knitting.

Majoring in knit design at RMIT Anita has focused on a designer maker approach with a strong view to local inspiration and production. She holds firm the ideal of craftsmanship and a traditional bespoke method over fast fashion and mass production.  

Anita is a Queenslander and believes everyone should have a Fair Isle jumper depicting their home, even if you live in a warm weather climate.