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Make Your Mark

It’s been pretty quite here on the old blog for a while. But happily at least, it’s because there was a bit of work going on behind the scenes rather than just total procrastination.

This week, I launched my first print based project 'Make Your Mark'. And it’s a pretty fun one.

The project has been in the works for years. Most of which was just percolating at the back of my brain somewhere. The initial idea came when I was studying textiles at uni so I was probably more aware of surface and printed pattern than I’d ever been. Then I’d visit my mates who were in their first few years of parenting and their houses were filled with beautiful vibrant painterly artwork created by their small offspring. And in my brain I’d think “look at that expressive paint work, there’s no way you could capture or recreate that sense of freedom and exuberance as an adult” and then I’d say out loud “this would make an amazing fashion/homewares print”.

And so that is where it started. Then with all the positive reactions from my kids inspired ‘Make My Beanie’ contest winner last year I thought it might be time to create this printed version. It’s much quicker to print rather than knit, you see.

So here goes, I’ll keep you posted.