If I am having trouble with scanning my artwork can I send it to you to scan?

Yes, if you are unable or unsure of how to scan your artwork properly we will happily do that step for you. Please just let us know by email that you would prefer to do it this way and we will send you further details.

And if you’re happy to fold the page so it can fit into a letter envelope, we can easily remove any fold lines from the scan. The cost of postage for us to receive the artwork is the responsibility of the sender. We will return your artwork with the final product.


Can I fast track my order?

Unfortunately no. We try and get all orders back as quickly as possible but it depends mostly on when we receive your order in relation to where we’re at with our production schedule. If you desperately need something back quickly please contact us at hello@anitachew.com and let us know. We’ll always see what we can do.


Can I buy the items in the product photos?

Even though they’re awesome, no we don’t sell those specific items. The items in the photographs are examples only. They are used to indicate what your child’s artwork may look like on printed fabric as well as to show the finished items themselves. 


Why are product gift vouchers more expensive than the standard product prices? 

Gift vouchers include all postage fees for that item which is why they’re a little bit more in price. This way it’s smooth sailing for your gift recipient from upload to receiving the completed item.


How do I redeem my gift voucher?

Redeeming your voucher is super easy. Once you’ve selected and scanned your artwork simply head here to our Upload Artwork form. Fill in the form making sure to include your reference code, once we receive your information we’ll be in touch. 


Why can't I buy two or more $10 gift vouchers?

Because our gift vouchers are set up as digital products we are unable to apply a multiple order to them. Yep, it's annoying. Instead we've tried to give you a few options for monetary gift vouchers, but if they don't suit just let us know via hello@anitachew.com and we will make you up a custom order. No problem.