Custom Banner Kit


This product is for a make it yourself KIT which includes your custom print, wooden rod, cord and full instructions on how to sew your banner. 

To create your custom print we take your scanned image, brighten it up and repeat it across the fabric to create an all over pattern effect. This design is then digitally printed on 100% cotton canvas. This fabric is a stark white, which allows for lots of colours and details as well as being strong and durable.

There are two designs, the letter banner or quote banner. We customise each design in the following manner:

Letter Banner: One letter A – Z

Quote Banner: A quote or phrase less than 10 words

The colour of the circle the text is placed in and the cord will be selected and supplied based on the colours in the artwork. The banner is hung from a wooden rod and cotton cord.

Approx Size:

  • Width – 18.5cm
  • Height – 34cm

Designed, printed and handmade in Australia.

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Additional Info

Artwork: Once you’ve placed your order you will need to send us your artwork. This is done simply by going to our ‘Upload Artwork’ page and completing the form. You’ll find our artwork requirement here. But don’t worry if there are any problems or we have any queries we’ll be in touch.

Time: Because we offer a custom designed, printed and made product there will be a time delay between the placement of your order and it’s arrival. This timeframe can range between 3-6 weeks depending on our production schedule and delivery times. Once we receive your order and artwork we will be able to give you a much better idea of the turnaround time and we will keep you up to date with your projects progress along the way.

Fabric & Care: Digital print on 100% cotton canvas. Dry clean only.

Photographed items are for display purposes only and are not sold separately. Please read the terms and conditions as outlined on this website.